In the tradition of jazz groups, including that of the trio led by Sonny Rollins including saxophone, bass, drums; swing Project revisits the great Broadway jazz standards.

Groove to swing through Latin music, this trio delivers a lively music, surprising and generous.


History of Our trio

In 2009, Gerald brings together two Simonet Rhone Alpin musicians to form a trio: Daniel Julien (guitar) and Marc De Sousa (bass). The musical identity of the trio is rooted in jazz music to re-arrange … hence the name “Our trio” by Julian find Daniel. This name refers to the guitar amp lamps New Old Stock. These lamps were previously used for military technologies. They are now re-used, re-manufactured for tube amps … from the old to the “old-new” …

In 2010, Jean Pierre Moncada (saxophonist) replaces Julian Daniel. In the same vein, Gerald Simonet with the help of Marc de Sousa makes a collective Our trio of jazz.


The goal is to meet and play different jazz directories with multiple instruments and multiple personalities. Musicians who have played in our trio:

Singing: Manu Domergue, Anne Sila, Julie took.
The alto, soprano, tenor Jean Pierre Moncada, Cédric Meunier Antoine Bessy.
Trombone: Etienne Serve.
Piano: Benedict Thevenot Pierre Antoine Chaffangeon, Camille Thouvenot, Julien Maire, Gritt, Linda Mangeard Noah Macary, Remi Collin.
On guitar: Daniel Julien, Nicolas Faure, Yanni Balmelle Gregory Aubert.
A bass Marc de Sousa Alexander Bes, Gauvain Gamon, Antony Gutierrez, Cédric Martin, Colin Margalhan-Ferrat, Tanguy Bloum.
In 2012, Our trio decides to pay tribute to Serge Gainsbourg with “Project Gainsbourg” (Jean Pierre Moncada, Marc De Sousa Gerald Simonet). This project is currently on stand-by.

Parallel to the “Project Gainsbourg” Gerald Simonet uses Cédric Meunier (saxophonist) and Bes Alexander (bass) for the “Project Swing“. With a repertoire consists of jazz standards.
Since 2015, the Our trio returned to its original form: a trio with Our Project trio swing.