Gérald Simonet
Drummer: enamored of music. In 2007, he moved to Jazz Action Valence where he met Emmanuel Scarpa. The latter will help him find new expressions spaces on the battery.
“Whatever the style of music, the whole thing is to try to translate the emotions allowed by the music shared at a given moment. “

He then turned to improvised music “or not”. It meets people from different backgrounds, plays in various formations with varied orientations.

In 2009, he gathers two Rhone Alpin musicians to form a jazz trio (Julien Daniel, Marc De Sousa).

In 2010 he created, with the help of Marc De Sousa, the jazz collective: Nos trio. This collective allows him to meet and play different jazz repertoires with multiple personalities (who are part of the collective: Jean Pierre Moncada, Cédric Meunier, Marc De Sousa, Alexandre Bes, Manu Domergue) (who have played in the collective: Anne Sila , Benoît Thévenot, Camille Thouvenot, Pierre Antoine Chaffangeon, Noé Macary, Linda Mangeard, Remi Collin, Julien Maire, Etienne Serves, Antoine Bessy, Gauvain Gamon, Tanguy Blum, Colin Margalhan-Ferrat, Antony Gutierrez, Yanni Balmelle Faure, Julien Daniel and Gregory Aubert). In parallel, he returned to the 3rd cycle jazz in Valence where he met Patrice Foudon. The latter will help him to understand deeply the music swing.

In 2011, julien Daniel founded the mysterioso trio (Guirec Boivin, Gérald Simonet)

In 2012, Nos trio decided to pay homage to Serge Gainsbourg with the “Project Gainsbourg” (Jean Pierre Moncada, Marc De Sousa, Gérald Simonet).

In the same year, he joined the brass ensemble Brass’AD (a modified brass band). Then AXYS proposes to him to join their quintet where the influence is clearly rock and the improvisation reigns in mistress.

In 2013, the beginning of a blues adventure: The chalkface crackers, with songs (singing / double bass: Thomas Ducourtioux, Samuel Rays: guitar, Gérald Simonet). Interested in classical music, he accompanies the Samuel Arbadjian trio: a repertoire inspired by works by composers such as Scarlatti, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann … with jazz arrangements (Samuel Arbadjian: piano, Cédric Martin: double bass, Gérald Simonet ).

In 2014, he joined the “JAV Contreband” directed by Pascal Berne. At the same time, he devotes part of his time to
Conservatory of Ardèche
. In addition, he accompanies the Privat Jungle project (Michael Marage: piano / composition, Cédric Meunier: saxophones, Colin Margalhand-ferrat: double bass « luthier », Gérald Simonet: drums). As well as the Cosmos quartet, a project composed and directed by Cédric Martin (double bass) in homage to Portugal (saxophone: Cédric Meunier, electric guitar: Nicolas Faure, drums: Gérald Simonet).

In 2015, Jean-Baptiste Drevet (leader of the Badins cats) invites him to join his Formation: a swing orchestra with dancers. The project is supported by Jazz Action Valence and Jazz in Drôme (2015/2016). At the same time, he continues to teach, but he « JAV (Jazz Action Valence) ».

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Cédric Meunier Began music at the age of 10 through the learning of the saxophone in music school and then at the conservatory of Grenoble where he obtained a DEM in 1999. In parallel he studied at the faculty of Grenoble where he obtained a license and then CAPES in 2001. He taught at the colleges for 11 years in the academies of Créteil, Bordeaux and Grenoble, he never ceased to enrich his musical knowledge by taking courses, workshops and integrating groups and other bigband.

In 2008, he joined the specialized jazz band at the CRD in Valence under the direction of Patrice Foudon. He continues to develop his instrumental practice through improvisation and especially jazz. Pascal Bernard, Laurent Mignard, Barry Harris, Alex Terrier …. !! His passion will lead him even to spend 3 months recently in New York.
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Alexandre Besse
Alexandre Bes Bassist begins his passion for music as a drummer. When he leaves his professional training at the IMFP, he travels through France with groups of several influences: swing, jazz rock, bebop, etc. Then, passionate also of the double bass he will do everything possible to take this instrument as first. A graduate of the jazz DEM of the conservatory of valence, the musician begins to discover the jazz swing scene with musicians such as Alain Brunet, Manu Roche, Luc Plouton, Jean-Jacque Taibe and Charles Belonzi.
Everything is done of course in parallel to the jazz, which remains the dominant of these last 15 years with also there many productions and varied.